I'm Mojo. Well technically Morgan Joanna but only when I'm in trouble.


Bios are tough man. ​I sat down to write this and immediately started off by saying how much I love making videos and telling stories and how it's a dream to be able to make a living doing both. And while all of that is absolutely true- I realized I was typing on autopilot. 

So instead of boring you with the same bio you read on the past five websites you were on (you need to shop around I ain't mad), here is a handful of random facts in no particular order that you didn't ask for. ENJOY

I'm a pastor's kid. I will dance to every Beyonce song at your reception. If you don't want to hear me sing/yell the whole rap verse in Usher's Yeah, don't play it. I once touch Matt Damon's butt (ask me about it later). Half of what I say is in a British accent, the other half is purely Disney lyrics. I learned to salsa from an 82 year old in San Juan. My random tinder swipe turned into my live in husband (he's right below, say hello). I once rode a toboggan down the Great Wall of China and if I were still college aged, that'd be my orientation icebreaker story.  



This is Chris. My aforementioned tinder swipe. He planned a killer surprise scavenger hunt proposal and if you want to watch that plus a 20 minute film about our weird love story, you can do so at the bottom of this page (and when I say "film" I mean a compilation of embarrassing Snapchat videos set to music). 



Chris once backpacked from Italy to Ireland and didn’t post a single picture about it (soooo like did he even really do it then??) He has bungee jumped once and jumped out of a plane 5x that. He was a child star in a national commercial (shoutout Sylvan Learning). He gave up his glamorous TV career to become an escape room enthusiast (and whatever number of escape rooms is enough to become uncool, we’ve definitely reached that.) His serial killer trait is that he eats Oreos with no milk. His aspiration in life is to become a horse rancher with an untamed beard and two Irish Wolfhounds (his current total horse experience is one time riding a carousel when he was 10).  



Gavin is my brother (this is still Mojo talking) and Kat is his beautiful wife.  They live in New York City and have a video production company of their own. They are our go-tos when we need second shooters. But enough about that- if you've made it this far, it's obviously for the facts. 

Kat was born in Russia & raised in Sweden. Gavin once swam in an aquarium shark tank on a dare. Kat speaks four languages. Gavin almost speaks one. Kat wants  kids solely to dress them up as Disney Princess characters. Gavin once went on a date with Daenerys Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons. Kat studied fashion in Milan, Bill Murray once kissed Gavin on the cheek, and they both rescued a puppy from a rainforest in Puerto Rico and if following animals on Instagram is your thing, you can do so here